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Cleaning With Lemon - 5 Crazy Cleaning Ideas 10 September 2014
Cleaning With Lemon - 5 Crazy Cleaning Ideas

When you are cleaning in the home, you may find that there are various domestic cleaning products that carry a lemon smell. These products are usually using lemon to mask an unpleasant smell, and the result is a strange, sterile, artificial smell, that is nothing like the real thing! You may or may not know that one of the reasons that lemon is chosen for this purpose is that it has its own cleaning properties, and can be used on its own for cleaning in your home, without the need for the overly strong, sometimes dangerous chemicals that are found in many house cleaning products. If you were wondering how to harness the power of lemon, and how you can get your home cleaned with such a simple fruit, then have a look at our five tips below!1.    You can use lemon juice in a spray bottle to clean down various surfaces in the house. Lemon’s natural acidity will help you cut through grease and grime, as well as killing all germs on the surface. If you want to use it as a general spray, you can simply mix it with some water to get the lemon’s kitchen cleaning power to go further. Be sure to rinse down the area afterwards, and dry it off, to ensure that no one gets lemon juice on them after your cleaning. 2.    When you are doing the washing up, you will find that a lemon is a great scrubbing tool. A halved lemon gives you an easy to use open surface which is easy to get a grip of and clean with. You will find that the resulting cleaning is great for ensuring that your plants are free from greasy food marks, and as you work, the lemon will squeeze more and more juice out, ensuring that the plate is getting the fresh acid that it needs to loosen that dirt, and leave it all gleaming. Again, rinse well, so that the plates are not left sticky, much like you would with washing up liquid.3.    Lemon can be used in conjunction with a number of other natural products to form a variety of different cleaning solutions. A popular one is a lemon version of a cream cleaner, which comes with combining it with baking soda. You will find that this fizzes up the carbonated soda, which gives you great cleaning power, especially in the bathroom. Try it on your white surfaces, and get a little bit on an old toothbrush in order to get the grouting between tiles really nice and clean. 4.    If your fridge gives off a bit of a stink, then you need to clean it out, and you can use lemon juice to do so, just as you would with the surfaces in tip number 2! However, once you have finished the lemon juice, you should keep the rind, as a halved and emptied lemon rind forms two little bowls. These bowls can be filled with salt of baking soda, and left in the fridge, as an odor eater! The result is a fresh smelling fridge at all times!5.    As a stain remover, lemon works incredibly well. You will find that the result of using lemon on just about anything will be effective. From wooden chopping boards, to brass, to tupperware, using a little lemon, letting it soak and scrubbing it away is sure to remove some of the toughest stains around. You will find that the best way to make the lemon cleaning affordable is to buy in bulk!

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